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First Visit

Your initial appointment will consist of any necessary digital X-rays (which require less than 1/7 of radiographic exposure than traditional dental X-rays)

Implants and Mini Implants

We replace single and multiple teeth with implants. Dental implants are by far the best way to replace missing teeth. Why?

  • It replicates nature. Your natural teeth have a root and a crown. The root of your tooth holds the tooth on your jawbone. An implant mimics the natural tooth root. Then we place a crown on the implant. This gives you the most natural looking way to replace missing teeth.
  • It's more conservative. With a traditional bridge, we must cut down your teeth adjacent to the space on both sides of the missing tooth. This can lead to other problems and if later down the road either of these teeth go bad, then we can lose the entire bridge and have a very complicated and expensive situation.
  • You can clean it just by normal brushing and flossing. Making it easier to maintain and keeping your breath fresh. Ask someone with a bridge how easy it is to floss under it.
  • It works! Implants have a very high success rate if done by properly trained professionals.

But I'm not really noticing my missing tooth why should I replace it? Sometimes it is ok to leave a missing tooth, however, keep in mind that the surrounding surviving teeth now must take on a greater load when chewing. This can lead to cracking and fracture of the remaining teeth. Especially if you have large fillings in your teeth which unfortunately weaken them.

Implants also preserve the bone level. Check the area of your missing tooth does it look like you could put a horse saddle on it? If a tooth is missing for a long period of time the bone slowly resorbs.

We can use implants to greatly enhance the comfort and use of your new or oftentimes existing dentures. If your existing dentures are ok we can sometimes retrofit it to snap on to implants.

Mini implants

Sometimes conventional implants cannot be used for your denture due to expense, limited space, or medical reasons. In these situations mini implants can be used to enhance your denture experience greatly. This is a minimally invasive procedure and can be used the same day with your existing denture. It takes little time and recovery is almost immediate with little or no post operative pain. The entire procedure takes about an hour and cost half of what two traditional implants may cost. Moreover, this procedure is practically reversible making it extremely safe.

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