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Please call 210-590-4100 to schedule an appointment, our office hours are:
 9:00am - 5:00pm (Admin only)
 10:00am - 6:00pm
 Sat:  9:00am - noon 

First Visit

Your initial appointment will consist of any necessary digital X-rays (which require less than 1/7 of radiographic exposure than traditional dental X-rays)

Dental Services

Unique Services and Techniques

We offer comprehensive dental services to include routine exams, cleanings, X-rays, crowns, bridges, dentures, partial dentures, advanced cosmetic dentistry, replacement of missing teeth with implants, root canals, fillings, orthodontics, braces, Clear Aligner therapy through Clear Correct, and SixMonth Smiles (short term clear braces for adults) and sedation dentistry for children and adults. And yes we perform 90% of our own extractions.

We love to treat kids!! We have loads of fun getting to see your kiddoes! Going to the dentist should be a fun experience for kids and we aim to keep it that way. The positive experience that your child will have at Sonrisa Dental will stay with them for a lifetime and affect their oral health well into adulthood. We understand the importance of this and take it very seriously. We believe children are a gift from god and should be treated as such.

We use Single Tooth Anesthesia or STA from Milestone Scientific. This computerized delivery of local anesthetic ensures lower amounts of anesthetic for safety, is virtually painless, and can often times be used to numb a single tooth so your entire lip, face, and tongue are not numb all day. This can be a huge safety issue for your child as we have all seen horrific pictures where children have chewed on their numb lips after dental treatment.

A belt and suspenders approach to pain management! Although STA is virtually painless on it's own, we also utilize the Dental Vibe. This revolutionary instrument sends painless alternating vibrations to the nerves at the injection site capitalizing on the Gate Control Theory of Pain, to confuse or over stimulate the nerve, so the nerve cannot feel the dental needle as well. Combining these two technologies is unique to Sonrisa Dental and works extremely well.

There is no shot like no shot at all. The same goes for the drill! Oftentimes small cavities can be treated using air abrasion alone! This technique is used routinely at Sonrisa Dental to repair small defects and small cavities in the teeth without shots or drilling! Air abrasion uses compressed air to propel 27 micron sized particles which remove deceased tooth structure painlessly without the need for anesthetic. Most of the time, this treatment can be performed the same day as your cleaning so you don't have to reschedule or take off work! This technique is highly effective and not scary for children with small cavities, and of course we can use it for adults too!

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